Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master

Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master

“Enlightenment is growing all the time. It is not something that happens once and is then complete.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.

About Me

Mario Gerbasi

Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master

For over thirty years, I have been on a spiritual path, slowly revealing my true self along the way. There are many paths one may take to find their truth and to connect with the Divine within. I would be honored to help you to do that, in your own unique way.

Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.


My focus has always been on finding Universal Truths that come through in all religious, spiritual and philosophical traditions. I aspire to connect with and embody the beliefs and principles that are in common in all of these traditions such as love and compassion, respect and kindness. My intention is to help you uncover these Universal Truths within you and to embody them in your everyday life.

During all my years of inner work, I mostly worked with spiritual mentors who would support me along the way. There were short periods during my spiritual path where I would do my work alone. Although this is one way to proceed, assuming one is dedicated and committed to their work, I found that having a spiritual mentor has been more effective. Ultimately, it is through your relationships that your growth flourishes.

When I first began my spiritual journey, I was introduced to a spiritual mentor who would be by my side, supporting my spiritual inner work for nine years. I credit her mentorship in helping to build the solid spiritual foundation that I would use to build upon to this very day. For those of you who are at the beginning of your journey, I aim to be that person for you!

I see the path of spiritual mentoring as a divine, heartfelt process. Your inner Self knows exactly what it needs to heal, grow, and awaken. My intention is all about helping you to discover your inner guidance and self-healing. Our work together allows you to find that inner wisdom that is innate in every one of us.

I became a Reiki practitioner ten years ago and I received my Reiki Master initiation a few years later. Doing energy work has been an important aspect of my spiritual growth as well as helping others to regain their full potential.

Although I am now being guided to help others on their spiritual path, I will always be a student first and a teacher second. I will continue to grow and evolve along with you on our mutual journeys.