“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.

Spiritual Mentoring Sessions

Why work with a spiritual mentor?

Our initial spiritual journey begins within ourselves but inevitably, one needs to walk this path with others. It is through our relationships with one another that allow us to grow and become self-actualized. It is important, once you are on this journey, to have someone who can be a source of support, inspiration, and who can provide different perspectives that will allow for further growth. If you do not have a close friend or family member who shares your quest for spiritual connection, you may feel lonely on occasion. Everyone has moments when we need input from someone who has walked the path longer than we have, or has done so with a different perspective. So having someone you trust, who can offer personalized insight can be a great help in navigating this new world.

What will I do as spiritual mentor?

As a spiritual mentor, I will walk along with you and support you through the most important journey of your life. My support can help you to gain clarity, open you up to your innate wisdom, allowing you to walk through the challenges encountered along the way. You will be supported in gaining awareness of and giving attention to your inner being. This inner being is the source of innate wisdom, clarity, peace, joy and love. I will not impose a set of beliefs but rather work with you within the framework of your own beliefs or guide the process of discovering for yourself what those beliefs are.

Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.
Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.

An additional purpose of working with a spiritual mentor is to try and discover your spiritual and energetic blocks to happiness, and to help you figure out why you are not where you want to be in life. As your spiritual mentor, I will be happy to share my own experiences and also share universal truths that have been passed on through history. I have been through many of the highs and challenges that have occurred in my long-term spiritual journey, and I will know where some of the stumbling blocks may lie in your own on-going journey.

We will highlight any fears or beliefs you may be hanging onto and release them allowing you to create the story you want to live. We will identify fears and old beliefs that have been holding you back and you will learn to see and clear any new ones that may come up. Let’s work to unleash any thoughts, old beliefs and limits you have been telling yourself for lifetimes and create the life you are meant to live now. Find your true life mission and calling! I will help you establish a whole new way of showing up powerfully in the world as an authentic, creative and intentional person! You’ll find yourself better tuned into your heart, your feelings, and your own inner knowing.

Mario Gerbasi – Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master.
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Some topics of discussion:

Discussions on clarifying your ideals, values, and core beliefs that will define your spiritual journey.

Discussions on ideas that you may have found meaningful in books, lectures, videos, and other areas. I may be able to suggest additional resources of this nature to keep you growing further.

Discussions of things that come up as you begin to live your true ideals, values and beliefs in your life, workplace, family, and other relationships and how to integrate them in your everyday life.

Discussions of daily dedicated spiritual practices that will enhance your spiritual journey, such as the use of regular meditation, yoga, Tai Chi/Qigong, journal writing, arts, nature retreats etc.

Discussions about your sleep dreams that may be speaking about your own spiritual wisdom guiding you forward.


Discussions on how to refocus your scattered energies, thoughts, emotions and move into a more balanced state of being.

Discussions on how to uncover the real reason you’re here, what you’re meant to do, and how you can most effectively do it, so that your life is no longer just a passive event, but something you design, create, and experience fully. 


Discussions on how the most important aspect of a deepening spiritual journey begins with the love of ourselves and forgiveness. All else flows from there, allowing you to shine the Light that you are and help to uplift our world.

What my clients
say about me

"Mario is a person that is loyal and sincere. He is always ready to help others and he attentively listens to anyone who needs his help."
Clairette G.
"Mario Gerbasi is a conscientious man who cares about doing things right. People's happiness is important to him. He is therefore very attentive to the needs of his clients. He always has the vision to see further to achieve even better work. I warmly advise you to do business with him. You will only be happy."
Louise G
"Mario Gerbasi is someone who is actively engaged in a set of spiritual disciplines, who has a clear sense of personal ideals, a regular prayer and meditation life, and can help others pursue their own dreams and spiritual understandings. As an effective spiritual guidance mentor, Mario is connected to helping others through the mentoring process to enhance one’s own spiritual life and foster personal spiritual growth."
D. Phillips


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